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TILT Disposable Vape Pod - Peach Watermelon

TILT Disposable Vape Pod - Peach Watermelon

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The TILT Disposable Vape Kit in the Peach Watermelon flavor is designed to offer users a straightforward vaping experience. It is capable of providing up to 5000 puffs and includes a 10mL e-liquid pod. This capacity aims to ensure prolonged use before the device needs to be replaced.

With a nicotine concentration of 50mg/mL, the device is intended for users who prefer a higher level of nicotine. It is powered by a 500mAh battery, supporting long-term use. The device features a Type-C charging port, which is included to offer a quick and efficient method for recharging the battery.

A safety feature of this vape kit is the child safety lock, which requires the user to tilt the device five times to unlock it. This mechanism is designed to help prevent accidental use by children, reflecting a focus on safety.

The Peach Watermelon flavor profile is a combination of peach and watermelon tastes, created to provide a refreshing and enjoyable taste experience. The device uses a PG:VG ratio of 60:40, selected to balance throat hit and vapor production, with the aim of delivering a smoother vaping experience.

This device is developed for users looking for a simple vaping solution that provides a specific flavor experience. The inclusion of a high nicotine concentration, significant puff capacity, and the convenience of Type-C charging are features intended to meet the needs of a wide range of users. The Peach Watermelon flavor offers an option for those who appreciate the taste of these two fruits.


  • 5000 Puffs
  • 10mL Pod
  • 50mg/mL Nicotine
  • 500mAh Battery
  • Type-c Charging
  • PG:VG = 60:40
  • Child Safety lock
  • Tilt 5 times to unlock
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