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TILT Disposable Vape Pod - Apple

TILT Disposable Vape Pod - Apple

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The TILT Disposable Vape Kit - Apple is a device designed for vaping, featuring the capability to deliver up to 5000 puffs, supported by a 10mL e-liquid pod. This design intends to provide extended use before the device requires replacement.

With a nicotine concentration of 50mg/mL, the device is aimed at users seeking a higher nicotine intake. It operates with a 500mAh battery, designed to last through prolonged usage. A Type-C charging port is included to allow for efficient recharging when needed.

A safety feature of the TILT Disposable Vape Kit is its child safety lock, which activates by requiring the user to tilt the device five times to unlock. This mechanism is designed to help prevent unintentional use by children.

The Apple flavor is selected to offer a taste that is reminiscent of crisp apples, aiming to provide a straightforward and enjoyable vaping experience. The device uses a PG:VG ratio of 60:40, chosen to achieve a balance between providing a satisfactory throat hit and producing a reasonable amount of vapor, aiming for a comfortable draw across different user preferences.

This product is developed for users seeking a simple vaping device that delivers a specific flavor. It includes features such as a high nicotine content, a large puff count, and the convenience of Type-C charging to meet the preferences of a diverse range of users. The Apple flavor option is intended for those who appreciate the taste of apple, aiming to offer a consistent vaping experience.


  • 5000 Puffs
  • 10mL Pod
  • 50mg/mL Nicotine
  • 500mAh Battery
  • Type-c Charging
  • PG:VG = 60:40
  • Child Safety lock
  • Tilt 5 times to unlock
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