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UPENDS STARX S20000 - Apple Grape

UPENDS STARX S20000 - Apple Grape

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  • Puffs: 20,000 (Normal Mode), 10,000 (Turbo Mode)
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg/mL
  • Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm + 1.2ohm
  • Battery: 850mAh
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 20mL
  • Charging: Type-C
  • Size: 48*27*100mm

Flavour Profile:

Sweetness: 🔴🔴⭕⭕⭕

Coolness: 🔴🔴🔴⭕⭕


  • Button Child lock: Press 5 times to unlock
  • Vaping mode: Press 2 times to select
  • HD Full Screen
  • 3-level airflow adjustment
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • Dynamic light show

The UPENDS STARX S20000 is a disposable vaping device designed for e-liquid consumption. It features two distinct puff modes: Normal Mode, which allows for 20,000 puffs, and Turbo Mode, which offers 10,000 puffs. The device utilizes a dual mesh coil system, each coil having a resistance of 1.2 ohms. This configuration aims to provide consistent vapor production and flavor delivery.

The nicotine strength of the e-liquid is set at 20mg/mL, making it suitable for users seeking a medium to high nicotine experience. The e-liquid capacity of the device is 20mL, providing a substantial amount of e-liquid to support extended use without frequent refilling.

The STARX S20000 is equipped with an 850mAh battery, which can be recharged via a Type-C charging port. This charging method is known for its efficiency and convenience, offering faster charging times compared to older USB standards. The device measures 48mm in width, 27mm in depth, and 100mm in height, making it compact and portable.

One of the notable safety features of the STARX S20000 disposable vape is the button child lock. This feature is activated by pressing the button five times, which helps prevent accidental activation or use by children. Additionally, the device allows users to select their preferred vaping mode by pressing the button two times. This functionality provides customization options for the vaping experience.

The device also includes an HD full screen, which displays important information such as battery life, puff count, and selected mode. This screen is designed to enhance user interaction and ease of use.

Another feature is the 3-level airflow adjustment, enabling users to control the airflow according to their preference. This adjustment can impact the draw resistance and the overall vaping experience, catering to both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping styles.

The dynamic light show feature adds a visual element to the vaping experience, with the device displaying various light patterns during use. This feature can be appealing to users who enjoy additional visual effects.

Overall, the UPENDS STARX S20000 disposable vape offers a range of functionalities and specifications aimed at enhancing the vaping experience, providing safety features, customization options, and a substantial e-liquid capacity.

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