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Vapengin Jupiter 2.0 Pod System (Child Lock) 40MG Nicotine Salt(20mg Nicotine Strength) 9000 Puff - POD

Vapengin Jupiter 2.0 Pod System (Child Lock) 40MG Nicotine Salt(20mg Nicotine Strength) 9000 Puff - POD

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Please plug in the vapengin Jupiter 2.0 pod with the Vapengin Battery for a consecutive 5 times quicky. When the Child lock is turned on , the indicator will flash in white.

- Child lock auto lock after 12 hour

- Removeable Battery ( the battery can be completely remove)

- 40 MG

- Fully compliance to the latest NZ Regulation

-24 Flavors

Fruit Flavors:
 (Grape): Full-bodied grape flavor, exuding a rich fruitiness, reminiscent of tasting ripe grapes.
 (Sweet Berry): A sweet blend of multiple berries, offering a fresh and layered fruity taste.
(Peach Mango): A perfect fusion of peach and mango, exuding their rich aroma like basking in tropical sunlight.
 (Blueberry Cherry): A harmonious blend of blueberry and cherry, mixing into a vibrant and lively flavor.
 (Pineapple Passionfruit): A delightful union of pineapple and passionfruit, presenting a fresh yet rich tropical sensation, akin to an island escape.
 (Watermelon Mint): Refreshing watermelon sweetness with a subtle hint of mint, offering a cool summer breeze in every puff.
 (Banana): A luscious banana taste, sweet with a hint of mature fragrance, reminiscent of ripe fruits.
 (Sour Mango): Fresh and vibrant sourness from mango, delivering a revitalizing fruity experience.
 (Sweet Cherry): Crystal-clear and sweet cherries, offering an enticingly sweet yet refreshing taste.
 (Tropical): A concoction of various tropical fruits, creating a rich and diverse fruity sensation.

Sweet Flavors:
Banana: Sweet and ripe banana flavor, delivering the fullness of mature fruit sweetness.
Sweet : A sweet and full-bodied sensation, reminiscent of sipping on a refreshing cola drink.
Honey Berry : The sweet fusion of honey and berries, creating a warm and comforting taste.

Sour Flavors:
Sour Berry : A tangy-sweet berry flavor, stimulating the taste buds with its sharp yet sweet fruity essence.
Sour Apple: The crisp and tangy tartness of apple, emanating a fresh fruity aroma.

Tobacco Flavors:
Caramel Tobacco: The perfect blend of caramel and tobacco, offering a deep, mellow tobacco flavor.

Mixed Flavors:
Raspberry Watermelon : The perfect amalgamation of raspberry and watermelon, providing a multi-layered fruity experience.
Sweet Blackberry : The sweet indulgence of blackberry, delivering a full-bodied and gentle fruity taste.
Strawberry Watermelon : A refreshing fusion of strawberry and watermelon, offering a sweet, refreshing fruity taste.
Raspberry Lemonade: A blend of raspberry and lemon, creating a sweet and tangy flavor like sipping on a cool glass of lemonade.
Strawberry Cream : A smooth blend of strawberry and cream, presenting a silky and aromatic sensation.

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